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Lawn Mowers Kenya

Tilemac Supplies, is a market leader in supply of quality lawn mowers in Kenya. We are specialists in supply of lawn mowers and hence have in-depth knowledge in all types of lawn mowers. We know quality, and only stock products that give you value for your money. Our lawn mowers are innovative, durable, easy to use and easy to own. We have a wide array of residential and commercial use lawn mowers including walk behind, zero turn mowers and ride on mowers.

For quality assurance we only stock worldwide renowned brands such as Briggs and Stratton, and Honda. These are trusted brands globally known for reliable, efficient, durable and low maintenance lawn mowers. Not forgetting that they keep innovating their products to ensure they are more productive and intuitive for you. Our lawn mowers come with powerful engine choices and great cut quality for mowing golf courses and other areas where a rigorous job is desired.

You can depend on us for lawn mowers with top rated features and conveniences that enable you to achieve the daily needs of lawn mowing with ease and comfort. With our commitment to providing the best quality products and unmatched customer service, you will feel right at home.

For Purchase Inquiries, Call/Sms/Whatsapp us on 0732 728018 / 0735 676111

We are located at SMK Business centre along Enterprise road, next to Hillocks (Abt 2 kms from GM)

Honda Lawn Mowers Specifications

Honda H2118 Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Kenya
Lawn Mower Nairobi
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Mowers

Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mowers

Model No Rated Output (HP) Engine Capacity (cc) Self Propelled Price (Ksh)
Briggs & Stratton WYS 16 3.5 hp 135cc βœ– Ksh 55,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 18 4 hp 140cc βœ– Ksh 60,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 21 6 hp 161cc βœ“ Ksh 78,000
Briggs & Stratton Ride on Lawn Mower 12.5 hp 344cc βœ“ Out of stock
Lawn Mower Kenya
Lawn Mower Nairobi
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower price in Kenya

Brand/Model HP Deck Size Self Propelled PRICE (Ksh)
Honda HL18P 4.2 18" Ksh 64,000
Honda HL182 4.2 18" Ksh 68,000
Honda HL203 (With GCV-170 Engine) 4.9 20" Ksh 78,000
Honda HL224 (With GCV-200 EngineπŸ”₯) 5.5 22" Ksh 85,000
Honda HL203 (With GXV160 EngineπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯) 5.5 20" Ksh 88,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 16 3.5 16" Ksh 52,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 18 4 18" Ksh 60,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 21 6 21" Ksh 75,000
Ryobi RM125-P 3.5 18" Ksh 48,000 (On offer πŸ”₯)
Ryobi RM-1802 1800W Electric Lawn Mower (With 15m cable) 1800W 18" Ksh 42,000
Ryobi 145P (On Offer πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ 4.2 18" Ksh 52,000 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Ryobi 170P 5.2 22" Ksh 68,000
Loncin 125cc 3.5 16" Ksh 38,500
Loncin 139cc 4.0 18" Ksh 45,000
Loncin 196cc 6.5 20" Ksh 55,000

Manual Lawn Mowers Price list

AICO Manual Lawn Mower 16 inch - Ksh 14,000
AICO Manual Lawn Mower 18 inch - Ksh 16,000
AICO Manual Lawn Mower 20 inch - Ksh 19,000
Ryobi RPM 380 Manual Lawn Mower 15 inch {With Collection Bag} - Ksh 20,000

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Lawn Mowers for Sale in Kenya
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Mower Kenya
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Choosing The Best in

Lawn Mower Kenya

Lawn mowers make the tiring task of cutting grass and clearing the lawn quick and easy. Over the years, lawn mowers have continued to evolve and there are now different types available. From self-propelled handheld mowers to lawn tractors the is a wide variety of lawn mowers in Kenya to choose from. So which type of lawn mower should you get? Which one is right for your needs?

Types of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers can be categorized into many different types based on different criteria. Here are some different types based on mode of operation.

Walk Behind mowers – these lawn mowers are the most common around the world because of their versatility and power. As the name suggests the user pushes the lawn mower from behind using large handle bars. These mowers can either be electric or powered by fuel – diesel or petrol.

The blades are located on the front side of the mower and can either be rotary or reel. The rotary lawn mowers allow for adjustment of the height of the lawn mower to suit the height of grass required. They are therefore the most preferred by many people.

The electric walk behind lawn mowers in Kenya can either be corded or cordless. Corded ones are limited to how far they can go from the power source. The uncorded ones are powered by a battery that needs recharging. They can therefore go far from the source but will work for a limited time. Diesel and petrol powered lawn mowers therefore become the most preferred because they do not have these limitations. Electric lawn mowers require little maintenance and are easy to maneuver and use. They are also quieter.

Petrol powered walk behind lawn mowers are also powerful and suitable for cutting through thick, hard or overgrown grass. Honda walk behind lawn mowers are particularly known for their power and reliability. The other features that distinguish walk behind lawn mowers are the front, rear or all-wheel drives. The choice here depends solely on the kind of terrain the lawn mower will be used in. Diesel powered lawn mowers are ideal for use in large lawns and uneven terrain.

Ride-on lawn mowers – for professional landscapers, schools, hotels and other users that have to mow large pieces of land on a regular basis, then ride-on lawn mowers become ideal. These lawn mowers are designed small tractors with steering controls and a driver's seat. These mowers are best for professionals and also people with back problems that have to mow large pieces.

They are usually manually operated although a few are automatic. They come with either hydrostatic or mechanical transmissions.

Hover mowers – another type of lawn mowers in Kenya are the hover mowers. These mowers have an impeller above the blades that pushes air downwards when the mower is in operation. This causes the mower to lift off the ground and hover above the grass. Usually most hover mowers have a plastic body to make them lightweight so hovering and maneuverability becomes easy. They are made for use on very steep terrain or at water fronts.

The only downside to hover lawn mowers is in the way they are made to operate. As the lawn mower hovers above the grass, the air might blow away the grass affecting the quality of the cut.

Robotic mowers – these lawn mowers can mow the lawn without any supervision. You only need to setup the guiding border wire and let the mower do the rest. It will cut to specifications while contained inside the border wires. These are not common to many people but their popularity is increasing especially for people without the time to mow their lawns.

Manual lawn mowers – these are the most basic types of lawn mowers that are not powered. They cut grass as they are pushed through the lawn. They are ideal for use in cutting and maintaining small lawns.

Choosing the right lawn mower

You will find so many lawn mowers for sale in Kenya that choosing the right one for you can be confusing. The first consideration to have in mind, that will guide you on the type of lawn mower to choose is the size of ground to mow. For most medium to large mowing needs a walk behind lawn mower will suffice.

The other consideration is the power of the lawn mower. The power determines how well the lawn mower can handle large projects, tricky terrain, and tough grass and vegetation. You also need to consider the functions the lawn mower can perform. Modern lawn mowers do not only cut grass, they also mulch and bag for easy clearing of the lawn. There are also the most advanced with three functions that can mulch, bad and side discharge.

The ground speed of the lawn mower is the speed at which the mower moves on the ground. Most mowers have an adjustable speed so you can regulate how fast you move while working. If the speed is not adjustable, it is good to ensure that you can handle the ground speed of the lawn mower you want.

How can we help?

We are suppliers of high quality lawn mowers from renowned brands like Honda. Honda engine lawn mowers are known for their efficiency, power and durability. These engines are ideal for cutting tough grass and can be used in uneven terrain without any problems.

We have been supplying businesses and individuals in the country with lawn mowers for a long time. As such, we understand the needs of many lawn mower users in Kenya. We will therefore guide you to get the best lawn mower for your needs and budget.

Talking of the budget, lawn mower prices in Kenya do not have to be a worry for you any longer. This is because, as a direct supplier of the Honda engine lawn mowers and brands like the Briggs and Stratton you are assured of quality at the best prices.

We have on our team knowledgeable people that will match the features of the lawn mowers to your needs. We ensure that you get the lawn mower that highly benefits you.

If you are in the market for a lawn mower in Kenya, then you should consider us. We know lawn mowers and only stock quality brands that have been tested and proven for Kenyan needs. Give us a try.