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Brush Cutter

A brush cutter is one of the most versatile grass cutting tool you can add to your arsenal. Whether you are a professional lawn mower or you just want something you can use to clear grass and shrubs around the home, a brush cutter is definitely what you need. Brush cutters are popular because of their ability to get through overgrown grass, small trees, saplings, brush and so much more.

Besides, brush cutters are also ideal for use on fences and in areas inaccessible for lawnmowers. As a leader in supply of brush cutters in Kenya, we have what you need whether you intend the brush cutter for professional or home use. Our brush cutters can be categorized into two, based on the power supply as follows; fuel powered and electric.

Fuel powered brush cutter

Fuel powered brush cutters are those operated using either diesel or petrol. These brush cutters are best for use when you have to get through tough materials like bushes and overgrown grass. They are able to provide a lot of power to the motor to ensure the blades can get through any tough material they come into contact with.

Another benefit of fuel powered brush cutter is that you can keep working for long hours without having to stop to recharge the battery. You also do not need to invest in extra battery packs if you want to keep working for long without stopping for a recharge.

The downside to fuel powered brush cutters is that you will need to purchase fuel every time you intend to use the machine. To help keep the operational costs down, we stock brush cutters with the most efficient engines in the market. This means that a little fuel will go a long way for you.

Cordless brush cutters

The next category of brush cutters we have available are electric cordless brush cutters that operate on battery power. They come with lithium ion rechargeable batteries that provide the required power to the motor of the engine.

When choosing a cordless brush cutter, you need to pay special consideration to the battery life. We know this, which is why we stock high quality cordless brush cutters with exceptional battery life. That is not all, we also consider models with high power capabilities able to compete with fuel powered brush cutters.

Also, most of our brands come with two batteries which can be used together for maximum power or be used individually when you only need a little power but want to keep going for long. The best thing about investing in a cordless brush cutter is that you can work without worrying about buying fuel.

The cordless brush cutters are extremely quiet during operation and they do not require a lot of maintenance unlike the fuel powered counterparts. Most brands also offer compatible battery packs that can be switched from one tool to another. So if you have other power tools you might be able to use their batteries on your brush cutters reducing the need to stop for charging.

Important features to look out for when purchasing

Whether you are in the market for a fuel powered or a cordless brush cutter, there are certain features that you should be on the lookout for. Here are some of them.

Ergonomics – our brush cutters are ergonomically designed to ensure total comfort. Our products come with large bullhorn handles that are easy to grip and work with while others even have belts to tie around the upper torso while working for maximum comfort. What's more, we have models with regulated and well balanced weight which minimizes fatigue and back pain. Not to mention our products are light weight.

Safety features- we are also obsessed with the safety of our clients which is why our products come with the latest in safety features. We have features like protectors, reverse switch for removal of stuck grass clippings and electric limiter for protection against overloads.

Efficiency – efficiency is important regardless of the type of brush cutter you choose. Our products come installed with brushless motors that are more efficient. They also have variable speed controls that regulate motor RPM to preserve power when doing lighter tasks then turn it up for the harder tasks. This way your battery or available fuel will go a long way.

Durability–a brush cutter isn't a product you buy today and another tomorrow. You want to buy a product that will serve you for a long time to enjoy the best value for money. We stock high quality brands that are very well made and put together to last long.

We can help you make the best investment in a brush cutter whether electric or diesel powered. Contact us today to place your order or learn more about our products.