Grass cutting machine

Grass cutting machine

Manual Lawn Mower in Kenya

There are different types of grass cutting machines to choose from depending on your needs, the size of the field or garden and its topography. The most popular grass cutting machines are stock lawn mowers and brush cutters.

These machines are available in three different categories including; manual grass cutting machine, electric and fuel powered grass cutting machines. The three categories have different performances and therefore different pros and cons.

Besides choosing between the three categories, you also have to choose the right grass cutting machine for the job. There are major differences between brush cutters and lawn mowers. Lawn mowers are more powerful and efficient at cutting grass. They are designed for cutting grass fast and with ease.

However, there are instances when the lawn mowers cannot be used effectively. For instance, in very steep places, near steps, at the borderline and near trees and other obstacles. Here, the brush cutters come in very handy. They are made for easy maneuverability. They can cut grass easily where a lawn mower cannot work.

Both the lawn mowers and brush cutters come in different models with differing features so you get more choices depending on what you need. When choosing either you need to consider; the power, safety features and ease of use.

Choosing a grass cutting machine can be confusing especially because of the many options you are exposed to. We can assist you if you are in such a situation. We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff that are experts in tools and gardening machinery including brush cutters and lawn mowers. They will help you choose the right lawn mower or brush cutter for your needs and budget.

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