Manual Lawn Mower in Kenya

Our Manual Lawn Mowers Price list

AICO Manual Lawn Mower 16 inch - Ksh 14,000
AICO Manual Lawn Mower 18 inch - Ksh 16,000
AICO Manual Lawn Mower 20 inch - Ksh 19,000
RYOBI Manual Lawn Mower 15 inch (With collection bag) - Ksh 17,000

Manual lawn mower prices in Kenya

Manual lawn mowers are the most basic lawn mowers available. They feature the first design invented back in the 1800s or other iterations of it. The design is still very effective at cutting grass manually for a smooth grass surface after mowing.

Manual lawn mowers have spiral blades that move as the mower is pushed forward. As these spiral blades rotate they move against a stationary blade located towards the rear of the mower. The grass is therefore sliced as it passes through both blades. The spiral blades move when the mower is pushed forward. This means therefore that the mower doesn't cut when not in motion.

Where are manual lawn mowers used?

Manual lawn mowers are ideal for use in mowing small lawns. They are also good where the grass is not overgrown, too thick or hard. Manual lawn mowers do not cut well where the lawn is uneven. They are best suited for even lawns with short grass. They are ideal for homes without big lawns on hilly or uneven terrain.

Benefits of using manual lawn mowers

Manual lawn mowers are silent during operation since they are not motorized. They are environmental friendly tools. They are basic and simple tools with easy and quick maintenance. Most people are able to care and maintain their manual lawn mowers without requiring professional assistance.

Manual lawn mower prices in Kenya

So what's the manual lawn mower prices in Kenya? Since they are basic tools, manual lawn mowers are not expensive to purchase upfront. Since they are not motorized, they have very few moving parts that can wear and tear. This consequently means that they do not require a lot of maintenance. Simple oiling of wheels will do. These lawn mowers also do not use any fuel which keeps the running expenses low.

If you are in need of a simple lawn mower for home use, you should consider the manual lawn mower.